Our Services

With years of experience in the field, Jan Schär has built a reputation for exceptional results in technology consulting, merging the physical with the digital to create a future that’s smarter, efficient, and sustainable.

Our extensive background in Civil and Industrial Engineering, coupled with a deep understanding of IoT and IIoT applications, allows us to offer a unique perspective and proven expertise to your organization. Whether you are an established enterprise looking to innovate, or a start-up looking to disrupt, we can help you navigate the complexities of IoT technology.

Explore our diverse range of services, each tailored to meet your unique needs and available on an hourly basis:

Choice of Technology

CHF 350.-/h

Choosing the right IoT platforms, protocols, and technologies is pivotal to the success of your IoT initiatives. The ramifications of a poor choice can be severe, leading to thousands of CHF in losses and wasted time and effort. Furthermore, the expansive IoT market often leads to confusion, with many believing that no existing device can meet their specific needs and starting to develop their own, often unnecessarily.

Leverage our unique vantage point gained through firsthand experience running ShopOfThings.ch, one of the largest IoT marketplaces. Our insights into the world of IoT products are invaluable – we know what works, what doesn’t, and have a deep understanding of the quality, availability, and limitations of a wide range of hardware.

By employing these insights, we provide expert guidance and support in making these critical technology decisions, effectively saving you from potential losses and missteps. We often identify existing solutions unknown to you, thereby avoiding the need for costly and time-consuming custom development.

Our goal is to ensure that your technology choices are not only strategic and efficient, but also robust and perfectly suited to your specific needs. We help you navigate the IoT marketplace and make choices that offer the best value and performance for your investment.

For Manufacturers:
Device and Platform Testing

CHF 450.-/h

In the rapidly evolving IoT marketplace, ensuring your product stands out requires a deep understanding of both the competitive landscape and the customer’s needs. We provide a specialized service tailored for manufacturers, focused on comprehensive device and platform testing.

Leveraging our extensive experience in device testing and having evaluated hundreds of IoT devices, we’ve garnered unparalleled knowledge about the offerings and strategies of other manufacturers. This expertise equips us to provide a thorough and insightful examination of your devices and platforms.

Our testing process not only identifies areas for improvement but also provides a comparative analysis against similar devices in the market. We present you with a clear and comprehensive picture of where your product stands and where it can go.

But our service goes beyond mere testing. We believe in a customer-centric approach and, thanks to our hands-on experience in the IoT retail industry, we understand what customers truly want. We ensure this vital information informs your product design and feature set, helping you to create a product that genuinely resonates with your target market.

Choose our device and platform testing service and gain the insights you need to refine your product, enhance its competitiveness, and meet your customers’ needs more effectively. Together, we can shape the future of IoT technology.

IoT Strategy Development

CHF 350.-/h

Our comprehensive IoT strategy development service is designed to align with your organization’s objectives, taking into account your market, customer needs, and competition. We leverage our broad industry knowledge to create a future-proof strategy that ensures you are well-prepared to handle the ever-evolving IoT landscape.

IoT Training and Education

CHF 340.-/h

We offer hands-on, bespoke training sessions on various aspects of IoT technologies and their applications. Our training is not only technical but also focuses on the business potential of IoT, providing your team with a comprehensive understanding of the realities and opportunities in this sphere.

Architecture Design

CHF 350.-/h

An effective IoT system requires a scalable, secure architecture that can handle complex demands. We design and develop IoT architectures that not only meet your present needs but are also primed for future growth and change.